How’s your new year so far?

The new year comes in with so much potential, some of you probably went ahead and set those resolutions and others (as I am) are focusing on growth.  Goals. 

Remember as a kid, when you’d stand up against the wall to see how much growing you had done in the past month, 6 months, year?   Maybe it was only an inch.  Or it had been a while and you’d grown a couple of inches. That little mark on the doorframe or wall was symbolic of so much more than your socks now showing where your jeans were too short.  Or, for some of us, simply being able to finally uncuff those jeans!   It was tangible proof of progress.  Something new, different…change.

As adults, much like when we were kids, we sometimes expect to see that mark moving up constantly, regardless of how long it has been.  Real growth takes time.  And nourishment.  And rest.  Our goals are much the same.  So, if your goal is to write a novel, or a song; to create a dozen picture books this year, or draft two chapter books; to run a marathon or to lose that infamous ten pounds, they all require similar elements.

*Nourishment-to write, you have to read. And write.  And study others work and words of wisdom.  I am off to a good start with Storystorm, 365K Writing Club and working with new found critique group from Chapter Book course within Childrens Book Insider.  And reading a lot of wonderful stories, some from childhood and some fresh off the presses.

*Rest-It’s cold outside, but the sun has been kind the past couple of days, so beautiful long walks clear the mind, freshen the creative spirit and lovely, organic ideas are everywhere I look.  We are fortunate to have some wonderful trails, mountain and ocean views as destinations, so nature’s inspiration is high on my list.  Resting by the fire (with a good book, of course!) with hot chocolate or tea & cookies is also rest for the body as well as the soul.

*Time.  Time is a funny thing, it is not unlimited, yet we have plenty if you treasure every bit of it.  Patience falls here too, I know I’m doing the right things to grow the goals I have this year, and that includes putting in the time.

How are you nurturing, resting and being patient to allow your goals to grow this year?  I’d love to hear!