Grantham’s First Valentine

Grantham pronked in the yard, he was a very happy alpaca baby today.
“What are you so happy about?” asked his best friend, Space Cowboy.
“I overheard the farm manager and she said today is a holiday! There will be special treats and music and visitors, wheeeeeee!”
“But what holiday is it?” Space Cowboy was excited, but wanted to know more.
Grantham stopped and scrunched his face.  “Is it your birthday?”
Space cowboy shook his head.  “I don’t think so, maybe it is Snow Princess’ birthday! Let’s go see her, she’s cute!”
“Happy Birthday, Snow Princess!” the fluffy friends sang out to the beautiful white lady on the other side of their fence.
“You silly boys, it’s not my birthday!” and she danced and bounced away, leaving the two wondering all over again.
“I know, it’s 4th of July!” Grantham sang.
“There’s snow on the ground, Grantham!” Space Cowboy spoke with authority on that one.
They explored further, stopping to wish old Mac “Merry Christmas!” to which they had to quickly run away, as he almost spit on them.
“Guess that’s not it!” Grantham pronked again, “Here comes Cory, she’ll know!  She knows everything!”
The kind, smiling farmer held out her hands to the energetic young alpacas, presenting pink heart cookies. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”