No NY Resolutions

Happy New Year!  Or, Happy End of the year, depending on when you are reading.  Some will be reminiscing of a wonderful year gone by, while others absolutely cannot wait for 2016 to skedaddle (yes, I did just use the word skedaddle.  I get to now.  It’s my blog).

Whether you are sad or joyful, you probably look to 2017 for something different.  Something fresh.  You may even be contemplating…dare I say, New Year’s resolutions.  If so, good for you, go get ’em!

But here’s a thought.  Because I think this is why I’m finally starting a blog.  To share.   We’re all in this together, right?

I will not be creating any New Year’s Resolutions for 2017.   Why not?  Because that implies something needs to be resolved.   Fixed.  I have a warm, dry home this season.  And a loving, wonderful family.  And I’m here!  So, nothing needs resolving or fixin’.   Sure, there are a lot of things that could stand improvement, and they are all part of the growing process.

I just want to keep growing. Friends, if we stop growing, we are finished.  Dead.  Regardless of age.

So, not to sound all gloomy, here’s the happy alternative I propose instead: Growth Goals. GG’s for short.

You decide yours, I decide mine, and we support each other step by step.  Cry for each other when it’s not going so well.  Cheer and toast each milestone.  Let’s start returning the human to humankind.  Feel free to share some of your GG’s, here’s a few of mine:

  • Start writing again.  I loved writing when I was younger.  I have a wonderful career I am thankful for, but I realized while doing some professional writing, how much I missed fun writing.  Full disclosure, I may have jump started this one, but the goal is really to be consistent and that leads to next goal…
  • Accountability for my own GG’s.  One way I will be doing this is by this blog.  You are now an accountability partner.  Thank you, feel free to nudge me if you don’t see anything new here for more than a week.
  • 365k Club.  I found this wonderful group of writers, all committed to writing every day of 2017.  Each setting his or her own goal, and teams to support and encourage everyone to persevere.  Blessed to have found them!
  • Submit!   Submit to contests, potential agents, critique groups, you get the idea.  We can write all day, but most of us will move forward if we start putting something out there.  My ambitious GG will be to submit something monthly.
  • Attend at least one conference.  I am very used to healthcare conferences.  And will still be there too.  Conferences are fabulous for networking, learning from professionals as well as peers, and a dose of creative adrenalin! So I plan on at least one major writing conference, hope to meet you there!

So, what’s on your list for 2017?   What are your Growth Goals? Share, encourage, Do!