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Focusing on crafting stories for children to inspire, entertain and delight!  A mother of 3,  nurse of too many years,  writer who has come back to the joy of writing after many years!

In my life so far, I am now officially at the point where I feel ‘experienced’, does that equal wise? Some days.

Other wonderful things I’ve had the good fortune to do or be, some frequent and current, others uniquely special at the time:

Hiker -this one I still love.

Sailor -we spend as much time as possible on our boat, Chewbacca.                                   Roller Derby – ‘Pirate Princess’                                                                                                              Girl Scout and GS Leader-memories of many of my favorite people.                                           Ukulele player -on & off, is wicked fun as a musician.                                                            Flutist-since 6th grade!                                                                                                                    Yogini-I hope to continue my yoga practice until I’m 105!                                                       Scuba diver-is there anything as beautiful as swimming along a sea turtle or as exciting as coming face to face with sharks?!

I’m her to share,  encourage and maybe introduce you to a few of my  evolving characters!

Sharing goes both ways, feel free to talk to me!



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